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Celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month

Why Life Insurance Matters

Join us as we celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month for all of September!

Like most of us, we know you would do anything to protect your family and ensure they have a bright

future. But have you considered how your loved ones would continue financially if you were no longer here, or if you were no longer able to provide for your family?

Life insurance is a simple and affordable way to answer that question. It allows you to provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. And at UFG, our team of agents have all got your back.

This month-long event highlights the benefits of life insurance planning both today and in the future.







of people who don’t own life insurance say they need it.

of Americans would face financial hardship within 6 months if the primary wage-earner were to die unexpectedly.

say they are more likely to buy via simplified underwriting.

Find Out Why UFG Agents Love Their Job

UFG Life Insurance Agents are the best in the business. Find out what makes them special.

What Type of Insurance Is Best For You?

Term Life Insurance


Term life insurance provides coverage for a predetermined amount of time, typically between 1 – 35 years. Death benefit will payout if the policy owner passes away within the term of the policy. There are cost effective options for young growing families or individuals looking for more affordable coverage. There is no guarantee of renewal when the term ends; however, certain term policies may allow for an option to renew.


Return-of-Premium Term


We offer a compelling Return-of-Premium (ROP) term insurance policy which returns all contributed premiums if the insured outlives the term period with premium returns starting as early as the second year. Premium returns can start as early as the second year. Life insurance protection in place if needed and return of premium investments if not.


No-Medical-Exam Life Insurance


This simple, affordable life insurance is designed to cover expenses like medical bills and funeral costs (including plot and mortuary expenses) and can help protect your loved ones from future financial burdens. This provides permanent life insurance coverage with flexibility and long-term grown potential. Up to $250,000 death benefit. No medical exam or blood work is required.


Fixed Indexed Annuity


With Fixed Indexed Annuities, premiums are tied to an index and credited in a similar fashion to IULs. As with IULs, Fixed Indexed Annuities offer principal protection and a death benefit, with the possibility for gains contingent upon market performance. A type of tax-deferred insurance product. Can be structured to provide income for life, acting as another resource for retirement income. Provides protection from market decline with a guaranteed floor.


Indexed Universal Life Insurance


Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is a permanent policy similar to a traditional UL policy through its flexibility of premium and death benefit; however, it also features a higher growth potential through index interest crediting. The policy owner has the ability to choose a percentage of the cash value to invest within specified “indexes” (such as the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100) to increase the chances of larger returns. Can act as a savings vehicle in which the insured may benefit from the upside potential of market gains. Indexed accounts protect the insured from market decline with a guaranteed floor. Policy illustrations provide the policy owner with historical data to assist with making informed decisions on which markets to invest in.Cash value can grow tax-deferred. Can be structured to include living benefits, allowing the policy owner to access the face amount of the policy to cover expenses related to critical, chronic, or terminal illness, as well as long-term care needs.

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Join the team today and begin building your dreams!

Start Your Journey


UFG Insurance Agents are the best in the business! Our top-notch team consists of a compelling two-part vision: change the culture and diversity of the insurance industry and build the world’s largest financial services marketing company in history. To realize this vision, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading insurance and annuity products and; provide a part-time or full-time career opportunity to those wishing to pursue a career as life insurance agents and or financial advisors.

Because of our tenacity and hard work, UFG teammates have created a culture that is disrupting the life insurance industry through innovative technologies. And, we strive to keep the American dream possible for EVERYONE no matter where they start their journey or challenges they have faced along the way.

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